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Lawn care doesn’t have to be hard. Just like all living things, your lawn sometimes needs a boost of nourishment or some added protection. When grass doesn’t get what it needs, discoloration and patchiness can ruin the look of your lawn.  Johnson Lawn Services can return your grass to its green glory in no time.

Fertilizer and Pest Control

Over time, lawns can become deficient of vital nutrients.  Fertilizer replaces the necessary nutrients it needs to flourish and grow. Pests can be another enemy of a healthy lawn. You can keep pests from inflicting harm through proactive and reactive pest control. Fertilizer and pest control provides your lawn with the right combination of nutrients and protection it needs to stay strong, healthy, and vibrant. They will help you maintain that thick, green look you want. When your lawn is in need of fertilization or pest control, call the pros at Johnson Lawn Services. We offer free estimates, efficient services, and a friendly staff.

Specific Fertilizer Options

We have a program designed to meet the changing fertilizer needs of lawns over the course of the year.  Our program includes the following applications:

  • Early Spring: granular fertilizer to encourage spring green-up with crabgrass pre-emergence
  • Late Spring: granular slow release fertilizer to help bring the spring green into summer as well as liquid broadleaf weed killer
  • Summer: granular slow release fertilizer to keep your lawn fed for the hottest time of the season as well as liquid weed control. Optional grub control is also applied at this time
  • Late Summer: granular fertilizer to help lawn recover from the stresses of the summer months as well as liquid weed control.  Fall is the best time of the year to kill weeds in your lawn!
  • Late Fall: over winter granular fertilizer to promote root growth and a nice spring green-up for your lawn.

For your landscape beds, we provide applications of balanced rate fertilizer to promote plant growth and pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed growth.

We also offer these one-time pest control applications:

  • Perimeter pest control spray to keep insects outside your house
  • Gel worm baiting to eliminate moles from your lawn
  • “Flight control” applications to keep geese off your lawn

Green Grass is Just a Phone Call Away!

So quit staring at your neighbor’s healthy lawn and wondering how they do it. Let us help you get the lawn you and your family deserve. Johnson Lawn Services offers a team of experienced lawn care professionals that are dedicated to delivering greener, healthier lawns. Get in touch with us today to schedule your free evaluation!

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Lawn Mowing

Our professional lawn mowing crews visit your property approximately the same time every week. We do not leave until your property is mowed and trimmed, with all clippings blown off walks and drives as well as out of landscape beds.

Lawn Fertilization

Give your lawn the nourishment it needs. Fertilizer and pest control provide your lawn with the right combination of nutrients and protection it needs to stay strong, healthy, and vibrant. We offer free estimates, efficient services, and a friendly staff.


Adding a landscape wall, walkway, or patio can enhance your outdoor living space as well as make your backyard more usable.  We can design and construct these outdoor structures and help you add both beauty and functionality to your yard.

Snow Removal

Everyone hates dealing with snow, except us. We’ll show up when the snow stops, whether it’s 3pm or 3am. You can have peace of mind, knowing that the job will get done. So don’t shovel it yourself or worry about buying a snow thrower. Let us handle it.

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