Leaf Services

Leaf Raking and Leaf Removal

Leaf loss from trees is a part of the autumn season. If left unmanaged, leaves can suffocate your lawn and prevent ongoing health. But leaf removal is hard work and can take up a lot of time. With Johnson Lawn Services, you don’t have to worry about raking or disposing of leaves. Don’t struggle through piles and piles of leaves, trying to force them into bags or bulky bins. Let us professionally blow your leaves, collect them, and haul them away. When fall comes, the easiest solution is to call Johnson Lawn Services. Our fast and affordable leaf clean-up service will have your yard clear of leaves (and sticks too) in no time.

Leaf Removal Is Important

Your grass needs oxygen. Many lawns in the Indianapolis area consist of fescue grass. Fescue is known to have a peak growing season in the fall and early spring months. Unattended leaves keep sunlight from reaching your growing grass and prevent the proper air flow, keeping excess water from evaporating. When leaves cover your lawn for extended periods of time, excess water buildup can occur. This creates an ideal environment for various fungi that steals nutrients intended for your lawn while encouraging disease growth.

Keep your lawn healthy and vibrant by removing excess leaves in the spring and fall, and do it without taking precious time out of your day by calling Johnson Lawn Services.

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